My Diary - Getting a New Jersey (and Pennsylvania) Real Estate License

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@Christina Archly Welcome to the country's top state for foreclosures & Zombie houses, there's plenty to flip, just need to find the buyers. This was a great thread by @Jim Stoffey & helped me get licensed in NJ, PA & CA. The Philly market is hotter than NJ since you're close, also look into The Real Estate School in Cherry Hill, they're the best!

Thank you @Jim Stoffey very good post. I'm taking the 2 week / 10 day class starting this coming Monday here in Bergen County NJ. I'm looking forward to it but I'm also a little nervous about paying attention for all that time while sitting on that cold metal chair. 

Quick question: You said to bring notebook I was wondering if I could bring my tablet with it's bluetooth keyboard and take notes that way? Would much rather type than write. Would that work? 


great post, Im Getting my ny license first and than I'm doing nj, can I carry the 75 hours to nj. I just want a license so I can do the MLS, can you give any updates on how you are doing.

@Jim Stoffey @Mina G. - I sent in my NJ application July 1 but my license came through like July 14. Driving is definitely an option in PA, but not in NJ. I got my PA reciprocal license in about a week.

So Jim how has it been being a real estate agent for the past 3 years? Do you recommend it to others, or do you recommend that they use you? Have you bought any lead sources? I feel like marketing companies get our info from Bright and start selling us on their packages ASAP, like Smartzip and Zillow. Since many agents stop within 2 years, they’ve got to get you on a 6month contract while you’re still optimistic.

@Natalie Schanne thank you for the helpful info! It has been a wild ride-this is the start of my fourth year. I absolutely recommend it to others, but definitely takes someone who WANTS to be successful at it and will put in the work and the time. I guess that is like most businesses. It is definitely not a part time gig. Regarding investors-I will take on experienced, cash investors. Distressed properties are by far my favorite ones to offer on, see, and work through. I wish that was all I did sometimes! I have never paid for leads. Most of my business has come from open houses and building relationships over the last few years. I think new agents should seek out investors because it is a great way to learn the business and learn how to hustle, problem solve, make offers, use the MLS etc.