Investor friendly Real Estate agent+Escrow company in sacramento?

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Im looking for an investor friendly real estate agent and an escrow company that allows doubles closes in the sacramento area to add to my wholesale team.. any suggestions?

Hi Valentyn,

I am a investor friendly realtor in SF. I have another realtor that is doing deals in Sacramento.  I would be happy to connect your with her.  I have an investor that is interested in the Sacramento market too. And I too want to start doing deals in Sacramento.

I would be great to connect.

@Valentyn Svit You can use Chicago title in Roseville if you are

If they are just buying and then selling concurrently yes, but all parties from the 1st and 2nd leg have to acknowledge instructions that they are aware this is happening, since the 2nd leg will never have a prelim vested in the sellers name and typically financing involved, it usually is not acceptable.

this is direct from Chicago title. 916-783-7195,

Hi there @Malia Arnold   @Hoang Vu @David Erjavec

I"m a local agent in the Sac/Placer county areas. I started out investing and then became an agent full time because I love real estate so much. So, I am definitely investor friendly and understand what you're looking for whether it's buy and hold or flipping. 

I have a full team I work with from traditional lenders, hard money lenders, contractors, title and escrow etc... Chicago Title is amazing. Try Heather Durborough - BP won't let me post her number here.

If anything, I can help guide you on neighborhoods, market updates, how to get offers accepted etc :) 

@Valentyn Svit ....Welcome! I personally have been working with @Shannon Peace and have been very happy with her service and attention to detail. Always accessible via email or phone. Had been helping me through a tough deal as well.


I was reading the thread below, and given the dispensation of time, I'm wondering if the contacts mentioned are still available in Sacramento, Ca? Such as Chicago Title being investor friendly and knowledgable towards investor needs? Outside of Chicago Title can someone give me another title company, attorney and contractors as well that are investor-friendly?  -Thanks in Advance!!!