Nevada LLC company?

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Hi all, 

We have been in contact with a company called NHC (Nevada Corporate Headquarters) and their rep, Ron Hickey.

They are offering us a package deal for roughly $1,200 with which they file all the necessary paperwork and 'help us' to become incorporated and have a bulletproof corporate veil.

Has anyone heard of them/him? (He is not part of BP.)

Thank you in advance!

- Victoria

I don't put little houses into LLCs period.  Try getting financing or insurance with residential property inside a business entity.  A bunch of trouble.

What purpose would you have putting a property in MA into an LLC in NV? I understand NV is business friendly and all, but I would save myself a bunch of money and headaches and just get good insurance unless you're buying large apt complexes, MHPs, bowling alleys or something.

Co-signing with Steve Vaughn here. Don't forget to do your own homework on what are the costs of being registered in NV. There are yays and then there are nays. Will you have to pay annual fees to the State if you don't reside or own property there? Additionally its not a savior if you get into tax trouble. No state is... my coin.



@Victoria Avery Required fees to create an LLC in Nevada are only $425.  Then there is the variable cost of drafting the articles of organization, which LegalZoom will do for $189 or a good lawyer will do for $400-500.  I think $1200 is a bit high.

Also, you may have to pay additional fees in MA if you have a NV LLC because you are an out-of-state "Foreign Entity". Most people suggest incorporating in the state where you will be doing business. I would suggest you contact your Secretary of State and ask them about that.

Not to mention what @Steve Vaughan may not even need an LLC.