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Hello, I have been thinking about getting started as a REI for about 6 months, but I have been moving slowly to do my first deal. I am unable to pay a lot of money to work with a mentor. I did find a mentor that charges $50.00 per month for this services. If there is someone who knows of a lot mentors, I would like to send you a message instead of mentioning the name of the mentor. Also, I have read that some people have learned for BP website everything they needed to get started. I have been to seminars and they always recommend finding a mentor. If you can let me know your thoughts and highering a mentor that would be great.



You don't have to pay someone to be your mentor. You now hove thousands of them here on BP that will help you for free. 

You can also find someone who will show you the ropes at your local REI club, and you may even end up doing a few deals with him or her.

Beware of gurus!

To Your Success...

Hey Jeff, 

Yes, I agree there are many investors on this website and at REI club, but since I am new it would be great to have someone show me how to do my first deal. It is like when you start a new job and they provide the training to become successful. There are so many questions that I need to find out when I start investing, and it would help to have someone be there to build more confidence and to learn from someone who has the knowledge and experience. Also, I think once I am in the right direction it will be easier to continue doing more deals on my own!

I suppose that there are many investors who can learn on this website or by going to a local REI meeting, but I would like to learn from mentor.

Thanks for your response!