Is affiliate marketing a good way to raise money to start?

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I am looking into other business to help aid me in getting started in REI and I really need some advice... I found this online advertising company that will pay me much like an affiliate advertising gig, but I am not sure. I could really use so feedback and advice. Below is the link to check it out... Thanks

Empower Network is a network marketing company. It's a lot of work to setup your network. Yes, you are selling their products as an affiliate. So you are recruiting members and selling products. The only benefit is they have courses that you can buy that will provide a lot about internet marketing that you can use to market your REI business. It's expensive to get things up and running. You can find other courses without joining Empower Network. There are much better ways to spend time and money on your REI education.

Affiliate marketing and MLM is a lot harder that the people pitching it make is sound. I have some affiliate ads on my personal website. I make a couple of hundred bucks a year. It doesn't move the needle much.