Best ways to find land to buy off the MLS (especially in Utah)

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I am looking for land available to buy in a specific area in Utah. At this point I am looking for my new personal residence, but would also like to possibly buy in the future for investment purchases. I have looked in the traditional places but was wondering if there are any sites or resources for land purchases that were off the MLS, ie better deals and more choices? Also is there land available through auctions, estate sales or any other avenue that may have better results?

Thanks in advance for any responses


A lot of custom builders will buy land and develop it but only sell the land with a build job. Some will sell lots off but many are not listed on the MLS and I don't know if they list them elsewhere. The only way I find out is word of mouth and driving the areas I'm looking.

@Derek Caldwell   this is were direct mail comes in very handy... 99% of yellow letter folks target the exact same thing... so people with those assets get bombarded with the exact same letter with virtually the same lingo in each... so that's why the response rate in quality areas is so low.

you would be pleasantly surprised to see how well direct mail will work for unimproved land.. as folks just don't get direct mail for their land.. and your response rate will go up.

plus if you really want something you can call them as well.

There are specialty ad publications that just specialize in recreational land.. if your looking for infill type lots then its mail and drive.

Where exactly are you looking Derek?  I've come across a lot of vacant lots in Salt Lake and Utah County recently while creating lists for my direct mail campaigns.

@Nick Fullmer

I am actually looking in Davis Couty right now. Tough market here, I have lived here most of my life and looking to build a new house, prices are pretty high. Just looking for a "deal", like the rest of the investors and seeing if there is another way to go about it than the typical MLS. Thanks for the feedback

I hope you find what you're looking for Derek.  The second deal I ever did was up there on the east side of Bountiful.  

You could try marketing to delinquent tax payers.  Might bring about some good leads.