Hi All,

I'm new to both real estate investing and to the site. I'm having difficulty figuring out a timeline of when I need to get everything set up. For the investment property (flipping), I plan on using my savings for the down payment (~$25k), a traditional loan for the remaining $75k, and my current home equity to pay for the renovations (assume through a HELOC, have about $60k of equity in the house).

Should I apply for the HELOC first? (before assembling my team of contractors/real estate agents/lawyer)

When do I reach out to apply for the traditional loan? Should I get a letter of pre-approval first, then secure the funding once the offer has been accepted?

Should I start meeting with contractors and real estate agents first? Or only after I have the HELOC/pre-approval?

As you can see, I'm suffering from analysis paralysis. I know the market I'm investing in inside and out and feel very confident that I can accurately determine the ARV. I have contractors/lawyers/real estate agents that I'm just waiting to reach out to. I just can't take the first step. Any feedback (both positive and negative) would be appreciated!