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Hey everyone. I have been learning the business of real estate investing and waiting anxiously for my chance to start my own portfolio. I have been pursing an engineering degree since I got out of the navy. Currently am transferring to the university of Michigan from Jacksonville, Florida to start my third year. I would love to buy a multifamily house when I move in jan or shortly after. I would live in one unit while renting the others. Although I have not applied for a mortgage yet, I think my chances are low because I will only have a part time job, bah through the post 911 bill, and a small amount of disability for income. Any advice on my situation is greatly appreciated, thank you. also I am hoping to hook up with a realotor who is familiar with the area and can help my situation.

Hi Joe!

Thank you for serving and  good luck with your degree! I wish I had studied engineering when I went to school so I'm a little jealous!

Just to clarify it sounds like you are moving from Jacksonville, FL to somewhere in Michigan? I got a keyword alert for Jacksonville so I recommend being a little more specific on where you're moving to. That should help get you the right kind of responses!

Best of luck to you!

@Joe Carraway

My whole life I have been carry around this freaking huge funnel.  I gather information and push it through this funnel/filter.  On the other side of the funnel, the bottom side, the left over good stuff is loaded into my mind for action.


As a Veteran you are eligible for a VA Guaranty Home Loan since you'll be an owner occupant. This will allow you 100% financing at a rate below 4% fixed. You still have to qualify financially but exceptions for application weaknesses are usually easier for Vets. If you find a 1-4 unit multi-family that has tenants in place, a % of the income generated will be assigned to you to offset the hit to your DTI (debt to income ratio).

I'm sure you've done your homework but you do know how cold it is in Michigan, right? ;-)

Best of luck on the move and thanks for your time in service.