Investors in the Carmel/Fishers/Noblesville area

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Hello BiggerPockets!

I'm a new investor who has been focusing in the area I live in currently (Muncie, IN) but I am wanting to broaden my horizons in the future, and I've always loved the Carmel/Fishers/Noblesville area. I plan on getting a career in Indy after I get done with my Master's degree, so my goal is to live in the Northeast area. I'm wanting to get to know the area before making any drastic moves.

I was curious if there were any investors who would let me "pick their brain" and ask them a few questions. The more the better!

Knowledge is power, right?

@Glenn Antoine

Thank you Glenn for putting yourself out there, it is greatly appreciated to have someone in the industry (especially in your location) you can go to and ask questions. I'll be sure to send a few your way, as a new, young investor my mind is always racing so I have plenty of questions!