Starting with Wholesaling

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It seems like the consensus here is that it is not the best idea to start off with wholesaling. And to be a bird dog first.

Why is this?

Is it because it is hard to find deals? From one of the pod casts "they" were saying that it is "ridiculous" to start creating a buyers list first, because you look stupid not having any deals.

My issue is that I have a job, I simply have no time to be someone's assistant. (it was mentioned to find a mentor and work under him to learn the ropes).

I would love to hear a few of your opinions why it is not a good idea to start with wholesaling, vs. just saying "it is a bad idea to start with wholesaling".

As far as my progress goes, I have 2 meetings with 2 very reputable successful real estate agents (that have their own RE companies) in a few days. So now there is no turning back. I am doing this!

Thanks for the help.



This is when I was JUST about to start.

Man it was BAD. HARD, it sucked... but omg I am so glad I never gave up!

Man I SO appreciate your post. Talking about humbling. Thinking back I can hardly believe all the crap I had to overcome to get where I am now.

This is nuts!!