Hello everyone,

I had a thought a few days ago after I went to go visit my 85 yr. old mother. She lives in a roach invested, cluttered, no running hot water, molded, and just plain old dump. I want to help her but I don't know how. I thought maybe I could use the $20,000 equity in my home to purchase a $100,000 small two bedroom house for her. We would both be on the home loan, she will pay some of the mortgage I will pay the rest, and I would note that when she passes hopefully many years from now that the home will belong to me. At that time, It will be used as a rental property. What is the best loan to do something like this? Do I refinance, get a HELOC, go with conventional? I want to get her out of that hell hole so she can live the rest of her day in her own home. Any feedback will be appreciated.