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I am a young investor who wishes to become a wholesaler to pay for my college funds. I am only 17 turning 18 on September. How should I introduce myself to buyers and sellers and make money with little to no money down noting that I am very young with not a whole lot of money starting out.

Hello Kwami,

What is so awesome about real estate is you can truly start with nothing! With that being said I would advise you to watch the BP podcasts talking about wholesaling. Start learning your business, learn everything about it. 

When introducing yourself you need to establish value of why would someone want to even work with you. You can establish value by watching, reading, and even start finding deals in your market for wholesaling. Many people on BP want to actually help you out by answering your questions. Most if not all questions you have about any aspect of real estate can be answered through the forums.  

The goal right now is to just educate yourself on the business and don't rush into your first deal when you haven't done the proper homework. Be patient sellers and buyers will come the more you educate yourself.


Consider acting as a bird dog for the dominant wholesaler in your market. You will learn and earn while you do it.

If you don't want to do that, than consider investing in training. If you think training is costly, consider how much more ignorance will cost you.

You can find a lot of people that promote themselves on this site. I know one that doesn't who trained me. He paid for himself in 6 weeks. If you are interested, message me.