Finding Macro-level Info About a Market

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Hi everyone,

I'm starting out in Real Estate investing - I've read a few books and spoke with a few close acquaintances of mines as well.  So the first thing that comes up is setting goals and criteria of the type(s) of property I want to invest in.  I have that all down (buy-and hold, type(s) of property, $ range for initial investment, etc.).  However, what recommendations do people have in terms of finding out about more macro-level information about certain cities and areas?

Since I'm in California, I'm looking to actually invest outside the state, because of the high initial capital I'll need to pony up, compared to other places.  After researching "ideal places to invest in", some of the suggested markets are places like Denver, Dallas, Austin, etc..  Dallas is of particular interest to me, because I actually have some relatives who can be eyes and ears on the ground in terms of knowing what certain places are like.  But they may not have knowledge of every area.  So how do other people here get knowledge on things like crime rates, trends of rent prices, schools, job demographics, etc.?


The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M (just Google it) is one stop shopping. They not only have a wealth of information on hand, they provide links to almost everything else. Also, for DFW specifically, the North Texas Real Estate Information System (NTREIS) is the MLS for the region and has all the statistics on the local market.

Hey Ryan,

I would also recommend trying to network and get in touch with communities and networks in the ares you are looking in.  You either need to be the boots on the ground or have someone you trust to be your boots in those markets, especially if you are new to the game.  Start reaching out to agents and investors to get their take on the markets.  I'm happy to tell you what I know, but otherwise troll this site and others to get all the info you can.

@Matthew Vitlin  - Thanks!  I've set up keyword alerts for the the cities in the Dallas metro area, and I'm reaching out to one Realtor for an initial discussion.  If you have insights that you'd like to share as well, I'd be glad to discuss more.

Thanks to all those that replied.  In addition to the resources you've mentioned, I'm also using the following: