Newbie investor with a posdible deal

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Greetings to all

I am located in Baltimore Metropolitan area and I'm brand new to real estate investing but coachable, driven and I have some capitol to invest. I had a coach/ menton/partner who was supposed to be helping me out. I went out on my own, found several properties for sale, two of which are great deals. I took pictures and gave him the info and the response I got back was "they are great finds". The wholesalers are asking me whats going on and I dont want to miss out on opportunities. Any suggestions as far as what my next step would be???


1) It's in a good zip, sits next to two renovated homes, 4br/2bth, asking 55k, will need about 70k in repairs tops..ARV estimated around 195k

2) in a good zip, 4br/2bth, quiet street, asking 70k obo, estimated repair cost 50k-60k, ARV 190k-210k

He was supposed to help with that as well as finaancing  but he hasn't been communicating with me..

Thanks Charles, I'll be in touch

What is a coach/mentor/partner??

  • if he is all that, why isn't he returning your call and helping you
  • Did you pay him for help?
  • If so. Why does he need to be your partner? He should be helping you, not partnering with you
  • Sounds like he is double dipping.
  • What credentials does this person have?

Looks like you need better help. Get your money back.

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Thanks charles Parrish, I reached out to him about a year ago and told him I was interested in real estate investing. He said to let him know when I ready and that he would take me under his wing and coach and develop me as well as partner on a few deals. He said it wasn't necessary to pay him but he just doesn't seem as eager to help as he was a year ago

He does several deals a year and is pretty successful, we've talked some within that last year so I thought it would be a good match.

I'll definitely reach out to you though and thanks again

It is OK to call me. Love to chat. I will be conducting an auction Friday and 2 on Saturday, stop by, guess the hammer price and win $50.00. Ck. auction site for details.