Shout out to Milwaukee Area Rehabbers & Flippers

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Greetings Everyone,

I'm in the Milwaukee area and looking to get some experience and knowledge in rough and finish carpentry. I hope to find a job in residential construction in May and am looking to do as much as I can in the meantime while still in school. I figured there might be some DIY rehabbers and flippers on here who might be interested in an extra set of hands on their current projects! I'm dedicated to learning and doing a good job while learning about any area of residential renovations or rehabs. Please PM me if there are any takers! I'll obviously only be able to do the runt work around their job site, but I do have experience with power tools, saws, working with concrete etc. Just looking to learn in any and every way I can! Figured I can utilize what I learn on my own future REI's as well. Thanks in advance!

Marty J

I go too witc in rice lake for occupational therapy. I will be down next May. What type of properties are you looking for? I'm ideally looking for single families that need work

Well @Adam Kozuch I'm currently enrolled at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. I was studying to be a Pastor, but have realized that I need to follow my passion in the residential carpentry. Have always loved homes and working with my hands, but I'm starting a bit late now as I change career paths. Always have to start some where!

@Brent Tice , good luck on your journey onto becoming an OT, I have a family member who just graduated with their OT degree. I'm going to be looking at both SFR and Multi's to both & hold, as well as some fix & flips. I've been reading a lot of wholesaling recently and am realy loving it as well... The more I read and learn the more I want to do! What area will you be looking in "down here"?

@Davinder Toor  You are correct sir! Looking to help out where I can. I'm looking for any side stuff while I can right now on open weekends until I finish school in mid-May. At which time I'll hopefully have found a job in the field of residential rehabbing and renovating. Have to start somewhere! Ha.