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Hello I'm am new to BP and doing my due diligence with research research research. I live in NY so you know its very expensive. I own and live in a two family home. Looking for opinions on turn key investing in other states. We want to invest for long term buy and hold and cash flow. Thank you

@Shaune Faust   for some very good quick comparisons on one web site from actual providers you can go to Brie's web site turnkey reviews as  @Ayodeji Kuponiyi states.

there are Many quality providers in the turn key markets these days.

I always like to recommend that

1. make sure your buying in good areas

2. searching for the absolute highest return in rental properties ( at least on paper) will many times put you in difficult to manage areas of the cities.

3. Long term property management is a key element in any rental acquisition when you don't live within a 30 to 60 minute drive. So you want to make sure PM is quality.

pop on to Brie's site you can window shop all over the country from the comfort of your home and your computer.. gives you a very nice over view of the industry

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@Shaune Faust   also if your into listening to pod casts  Brie does them with actual turn key buyers who talk in length and in depth of their experiences.. they go into nuts and bolts pretty nice stuff really for one starting out.. it would take hundreds of hours of reading to get the same info you can get listening to Brie talk with these real turn key investors who started just like you with one deal so on and so forth.

Hello @Shaune Faust and welcome to BP! Glad to hear you're already putting in the legwork and learning the ropes here. There are a ton of great resources and some very knowledgable people so there couldn't be a better place to get your feet wet.

We (Spartan Invest) are a full-service turnkey investing firm in Birmingham, AL. We have six years of experience and have been growing swiftly, currently posting a 96.1% 52-week rolling occupancy ratio. Not to throw a ton of numbers at you just yet, but we know our way around the industry and Birmingham has plenty of amazing opportunities for long-term buy-and-hold.

It sounds like you haven't yet decided where you'd like to invest, but I would encourage you to look at Birmingham. There are several good providers here, but we manage our own properties in-house and pride ourselves on helping our clients attain reliable, consistent cashflow, month after month, while we take care of everything else.

If you have any questions about the Birmingham market or what types of investment properties we have available, please don't hesitate to ask. If you have any other questions about real estate investing, turnkey, or what resources you should turn to to further your education, just drop me a line. I'm always happy to help new member of the community in any way I can.

All the best,