Analyzing markets

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Hello, my name is Brian and I am transitioning into investing in Real Estate. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on how to analyze the housing market in certain areas? Like I know the basic things about what drives the market, but what can I look at that can tell me if it is a bad market, a good market or whether it's about to change? Thank you so much.  

Look online for a good real estate blog.   Realtors do blogs and I've even seen appraisers do them.  Find someone that seems knowledgeable and ask them for information.  The problem is, to a Realtor it's always a great time to buy real estate.   Be sure to dig deeper and find out appreciation rates, if rent rates are going up or down, & vacancy rates.  Your chamber of commerce will probably have the economic data you need.  You want to know how employment is doing and if there are any companies moving into or out of town.  That's a start.  Begin there and you'll think of 100 more questions all on your own.  Good luck.