Getting out of analysis paralysis. Getting partnerships

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I have been analyzing deals and studying real estate on my own for almost 3 years and of course still have plenty more to learn.  I know how to find other investors at groups and friends and family. My question is for investors who are interested in partnerships. What do you look for when working with someone and what is the best way for someone starting out with no credit or cash to structure a deal. I am not looking for a handout and I know deals will not fall in my lap. I have experience in property management and looking to take the next step.  

Thank you 

Ishmael,  best thing you can do is add some value, and get a deal under your belt.  Doesn't matter if you don't make money.  You will be totally empowered when you have a successful transaction.  There are plenty of people on these forums that could use help.  Find a deal, and offer it to an investor.  If he/she says its no good, than you just gained some knowledge. Keep going till you find something someone wants.