nightmare tenants

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Just wanted to let people know that just because a tenant pays rent on time, doesn't mean that person is a good tenant. I just brought a duplex about a year ago to live in. I rent out the upstairs to a single working 50 year old man. The upstairs tenant is great, but i decided to rent out the first floor unit to a co-worker with kids and a cat. Long story short. She is the sloppiest worst tenant ever.She is 21. Kid cries all the time. She's has men sleeping over almost every night taking showers. Cat eats my window shades. A lesson for me. I am never taking up front money for a year lease ever again. On the flip side the best tenants are older guys with good jobs. Does anyone agree?

I don't know what the best tenant profile looks like, but I can say cats are feral. From what you have said about your tenant, stock up on White Vinager.

I change out the furnace filters monthly in my rentals. It gives me an excuse to get inside the property and keep tabs on the tenant. 

I understand how frustrating this is for you. Goodluck!

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