I Need A "Real Estate Attorney / Closing Agent" In Dallas

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hey bigger pockets family. I was wondering if anyone has any connections to an amazing real estate attorney  or amazing closing agent that can review my contracts and can also use to close my deals as well...... They have to be investor friendly, and very creative. Thanks ! feel free to give me some feedback :) 

Marcus, I'm a lawyer in the area, and I understand the desire for an investor friendly title company.   (PM me, and I'll tell you a couple.) However, what do you mean when you say you want a "very creative" lawyer?  What exactly are you wanting to do?

I'm assuming you are going to be in the SFR arena. If that's the case, I don't think you'll even need an attorney. (The standard TREC contract, for example, is available to all online.) You can also hook up with an RE agent or a more experienced investor. I don't think you're going to need an attorney to review your contracts since it's all pretty cookie cutter (even sub-2 deals are pretty form based).

im just going to be doing wholesale deals for right now. But when I say a creative attorney or closing agent I mean. Someone who will always think outside the box, and on top of everything. Someone who is good at what they do ! Creative .... Informative...... Organized..... I've heard some sour stories of a sloppy attorny and closing agents. That's why I only want referrals.. @John Chapman  

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