Vegas Market

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Hi :) I'm looking to invest in real estate in Las Vegas after the election. I'm pretty convinced that keeping a home and using online services like Air BNB will be easier and more lucrative, in the long haul but I'm open to opinions and advice. My main question is: What is the best best locations to buy such properties in Las Vegas? My friend said near hospitals are good. Anyone?

Whats up @Shaun DeGraff . I do wholesale investing out here and very familiar with the area. If you are going to do an Air BnB then I would suggest something near the strip. If you are going to do straight rental, then closer to the Summerlin area might be best. I have seen my buyers buy in all the areas so it's just a matter of preference and what you deem as "good" Let me know if I can help. 


I agree with @Louis Davis , for long term rentals, Green Valley is also a good bet. If you do airbnb, are you going to self manage or have a property manager? Because airbnb is short term, it has to be managed very differently than long term.