Rent or Sell my home

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I want to get into investing in real estate. I would like to gain some rental property and possibly flip some homes.


My husband and I have a 4bd, 3b doublewide with abt 2500 sq ft. sitting on little over half an acre.  We are wanting to move but don't know if we should rent it out or sell it.  Right now our balance on the loan is abt $52,000.00 and Zillow estimate is $142,000.00 which is high for this area. I think more like 100,000.00-125,000.00. So, would it be better to let this be our first rental or just sell?

how much can you rent it for? Lets say you can sell it for 120K, In order to rent it you would need to rent it for 1,500 range for it to make sense. That is if no major repairs are coming due in near future as well.