Finance options for my first investment property

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I am currently working on raising my credit score to get a good rate on my first property. What are some strategies or lending companies that can either assist in raising the score within 6months?

Some loan officers will actually help consult with you on said topic free of charge. They of course want to provide you with your loan in exchange. Your best bet is to find smaller loan brokerages to find that right person. Call a few and ask if they provide credit redevelopment strategies. 

Everyone tells you no to every question you don't ask.

I know they are out there because I have an associate who does so.

@Krystopher Ferdinand

Try  They are a great service for improving your score.  You only pay for what they can remove.  I know many investors who use them including myself.  Until my score hits 800 I'll be a member. 

Good Luck.