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Hi Everyone

I keep hearing the term birddog, someone who seeks out deals for investors for a finders fee. Seems like a good way to become familiar with what makes a deal attractive. Where can you find investors who are looking for birddogs and also what resources do they use to find good deals?

If you're going to birddog, you're going to need good networking skills. That's 90% of the job. Everyone you talk to can be a potential lead to a property or an investor, without overdoing it.

Someone knows someone who's losing their house. Someone else knows someone else who's looking for a good investment property in such and such area. And on and on...

Learning to listen and ask are key essentials to locating both properties and investors. But, I personally believe you start with the investors. Ask what they're looking for? How much do they want to spend? What kind of profit margin do they want? etc. Once you have someone to look for leads for, they're easier to find and more fun to find. To find investors, go to your local REI meeting and pay attention on here.

There's someone looking for something you can find, now figure out how to connect them.