First post on here so here goes nothing.

Found a local property in Brighton, MI 48114. Outside of Ann Arbor area.

Called an expired listing over 2 years old and they now have moved and still own the property. Went and checked it out and to me looks nice, just a little dated. The house takes up two lots, between the house and the next comes with 2 lots and then also comes with 6 more lots to the other side. 

She is asking $185k for the full plot + house. House alone is probably $150-160k value right now.

House is 3-4 bedrooms (ones an office but could work) and 1 bath. There's a basement section I could live in if I wanted to house hack to get a 1-5% down mortgage.

Rent would be around $1,400 for the full house without me or I could attempt to room by room it.

Lots are zoned as single family .27 acres but I would be interested to see if they could/would allow duplex but it's a big capital expense to build from scratch. 

Thoughts on this or if it makes sense?