Bird Dogging Advice

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I'm going to be working with an investor/mentor "bird dogging" for him. Basically I'll be knocking on doors that have been sent a mailer and referring interested parties to the investor. I'm hoping to learn about the various markets in my city all to eventually do my own deals. What are some best practices I need to do to ensure I get the most out of this experience?

@Ciji McBride I usually don't recommend bird dogging any more. In this market it's too much work with very little compensation. 

I understand that you want probably to learn from the investor/mentor, but a lot of times investors will give you only bits and pieces of information and you have to figure out the steps and the whole picture. The reason for doing this, it's naturally that they might be afraid of competition. If he is really an investor, with an established business, why don't you co-wholesale with him (where you split 50/50 instead of a small bird dogging fee) and go out there and still find the properties that you were going to do in the first place.

By the way, there are better ways than sending out a mailer and knocking on doors, especially for a woman, is not something I recommend. Phone calls, text and mailing only to leads that you cannot reach any other way, it's a better practice. Also the quality of the list is important. Where does he get his leads from?

Here on BiggerPockets there is a lot of great information: webinars, ebooks, etc. Nothing is substitute from implementing the information, going out there and making it happen.

@Laura Alamery Im not able to message you privately for some reason. But thank you for the advice. I will definitely speak to him about co wholesaling. And if you would please send me the information about the workshop, that'd be great! Thanks!