Starting out late in life

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Hi everyone. Newbie to BP forums here, although I have been reading articles and listening to podcasts for a while. I need some tips, pointers, tricks or general advice regarding investing at a later stage in life.

So most of the posts, discussions and articles I have read generally have scenarios and tricks that apply to people starting early i.e. in their early to mid 20s. I have always been a real estate bull (long term) and have invested, but in my home country. I now have a family and kids, and a mortgage (with PMI), and therefore find it hard to save money to build up capital and reserves (I prefer the rental strategy). Any suggestions on how I can build up cash to start investing? Any other thing you would like to suggest on how I can get started? I am in the expensive North East area, so numbers tend to become larger.

(if there is already a post or discussion out there that sheds light on this, please point me in that direction)


No one in their 20's is inherently better at real estate than those who are older.

You start the same way as anyone else.

-educate massively so you deeply understand systems, develop a strategy, and build confidence in your understanding

-find your strengths and weaknesses, your unfair advantages and disadvantages

-maximize your personal finance so you have extra funds, get your self-sacrifice on

-line up your strategy with what opportunity you have and what opportunity you can create

-most importantly, you need to KNOW this works and it works for people in much more dire situations than yours. Once you know it works, moving forward seems like protocol rather than potential.