Getting Started in Real Estate

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Jennifer Borden, I live in St Petersburg Florida. I am a 45 yr old single mom looking to get into real estate in some way or form. Until I can learn this business on my own I am looking for any information that helps, as I have come across many scams. I have some background in Paralegal work, so I know how to research properties, titles, liens etc..

Ive done some bird dog work including driving for dollars but nothing really ever happened, the person I was finding the properties for would pay me $1 per lead, $5 for every person she would contact and $500 for closing ( which never happened). 

just need help on getting started and legitimate resources. 

thank you in advance for any info is welcomed. 

I would go to a local REIA. Leave your wallet at home, no need to pay for any "guru" classes. Ask the people there at the Real estate investor association (REIA) who does a lot of wholesaling. Ask the wholesalers if they could use any help, your specialty with searches. Then look to see if you can learn their trade as a form of payment. You can then become a wholesaler and look for properties on your own, and help others.

Wholesaling is the easiest part of the business, in my opinion, and you have the toughest part under control. Needing to know the background of info is a great source/spot to be in for all investors. Who knows, you might create a real business out of it.