Soo I was listening to @Brandon Turner ‘s podcast – Show 247 How to Buy Your First (or Next) Property by the End of the Year [The 90 Day Challenge]. The show was really inspiring! In fact, it inspired me to create my own challenge. 

I’ve always struggled when it came to networking and putting myself out there. And as the new kid on the block to real estate investing I sometimes shy away from engaging in posts. In fact I’ve noticed a lot of newbies, myself included, will create an account, introduce themselves sometime down the road and then never post for an entire year. It’s something I’m trying to break out of. So for the next 90 I will post one discussion each day and comment on at least two. My goal is to become more acquainted with real estate professionals, newcomers and veterans alike, with the purpose of becoming more outgoing and engaging as a valued BP Member. 

I’m really looking forward to the next 90 days and hope some of you will be able to relate to my stories and questions, as well. 

Thanks, Brandon!