SAN Antonio Texas Connections

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Hello BP! 
I am starting out in SAN Antonio Texas and am slowly but surely getting recommendations on different people who should be on my "team" I am just wondering if any SAN Antonio Texas locals, or anyone else, know of good, or bad, people to work with here in town. 
the main people i am looking for are:
Real estate lawyer 
Title Rep/Escrow office
Insurance Agency 
General contractor 
Property Management Co. 
Handy Man 
Experienced flippers looking for partners...
I realize this is a candy store shopping list, but you never know until you ask. Just thought I'd throw it out here and see what comes back. If you know anyone from SAN Antonio Texas who is Awesome or Terrible Id love the feedback. If you'd rather not drag someone thru the mud on the forum, PM me.

Hey @Liz C.

Just curious, do you have something under contract already or are you just shopping before anything happens?

Having the "Team" in place is great but you should be working hard to find a deal. That is where every bit of energy should be placed. It all starts with a great deal. No deal, no need for realtors, title co., etc.

If you start looking for contractors or realtors now, they may not be in business when you actually buy a property.

There are lots of local people who can steer you in the right direction once you have a great deal. 

ps your profile says its hidden.