After 1 year of using the BP FREE account, this community is a GOLDMINE, an answered prayer indeed! 

All I wanted to do is to get out of the RAT RACE and make a living for my family, but after soaking in with BP podcasts,

reading recommended books etc. my mindset was now liberated from Scarcity mindset to Abundance mindset! (Yey!)

I am grateful (together with my hubby Ron) to be better parents in order to guide our little ones (Haven 5, Giancarlo 2) and inspire our 

family to live a grateful and eventually savour an Extraordinary Life. "The ultimate purpose of wealth is to help and love others."   

Thank you Brandon & Joshua & the whole BP community ... and now it's time to level up and accept the challenge!

Just went "Pro" today!!! The unlimited reports, downloadable & printable! - very professional presentation, calculators, marketplace :D. BP 

community ROCKS! I consider this as my Real Estate University (there is theory and practical exams in real life ahaha!) great education, 

awesome place to network with RE newbie investors and experts. vital part of my Due Diligence (read and learn what you're getting into), 

Bring it on 2018! This is it... Baby steps...

Now, where can we order BiggerPockets T-shirts? Ahaha! 

I proclaim blessings and abundance to each and every member of the BP family community. Cheers!!!

May all your dreams come true,

Sherrylyn & Vivero family :D