newbie eager to learn!

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newbie who is eager to learn! I am a buy and hold.investor and I am looking at getting into flipping or wholesaling properties! I live in Newport News and work in Suffolk. Anyone who has advice or expertise I'd be happy to learn! I can offer free labor (I learn best by doing) and I learn fast. Any and all help would be immensely appreciated! Thanks in advance, Mason Moran

Welcome, @Mason Moran

I do buy and hold investing as well, so I won’t be of much help on flips or wholesale info. 

There’s lots of good info on the forums and people on BP who have experience in this area for Hampton Roads specifically, so wishing you all the best! 

Hi @Mason Moran.

Welcome to BP.

In the BP search, you can place the word Wholesaling and filter by Virginia. There you will find several companies like @Virginia Realty Investments LLC. I recommend writing them directly.

Good Luck.