Offer accepted! What next??? Please help

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Hi All, I am a rookie looking out to the sage ones on BP to provide guidance on what next to look out for once my offer has been accepted. I know the inspection will go on and I have written in my offer a contingent that repairs do not exceed a certain amount. I will have contractors go look at that. Other than keeping the inspection moving, having the contractor go assess repairs to get unit rent ready and keeping process up with lender. What else should I be doing here? Thanks and any advice is welcomed.

@Fisayo Ijamakinwa

I would suggest making sure the home inspection is done prior to applying for the mortgage. That way, you won't lose the non-refundable mortgage application (credit and appraisal) money. 

I'd also watch the interest rates to see if you want to lock your rate or not. Rates seem like they're going up, so it may be worth it to lock it up now while you can.

If you are seeking financing, you need to make sure the lender has everything they need to approve the loan. You also need to send a copy of the contract to the closing attorney's office so they can do the title work, etc. You will need wiring instructions from the attorney if you are bringing money to the table. Other than that, I would be on site during the inspection. Get some insurance quotes. You will need coverage on the day of closing. If you are paying cash, it is much less complicated.