Making each property an LLC

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My husband and I are just starting out in real estate. We would like to focus on homes that we rent out and keep long term. I have heard a few things about making each property and LLC, to protect ourselves and our other properties should something go wrong. I’m not sure how this would work, or if it is a good idea. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

It's definitely not a bad idea.  Each property would be isolated from each other in the event of a lawsuit (assuming you run them properly).  Downside is the cost and accounting hassle.  

I've been recommended to have an LLC for properties in clumps. Hold 3-4 properties in each LLC, rather than 1 per. There really isn't a correct or incorrect way to do it (unless your commingling your assets with the LLCs which strips away the protections). Do whatever helps you sleep best at night and chalk up the $ spent towards the cost of doing business. Good luck!