Actions to take before (eventually) being "assigned" a RE market

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I feel as though this maybe be unique to military personnel, but also pertains to those who are just starting out. Contrary to my previous post, I am now uncertain of my next Permanent Duty Station (PDS) due to the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) I was assigned. I was studying the Jacksonville, NC area diligently and becoming familiar with the different sub-markets within, but now East/West Coasts are both possibilities (maybe even Hawaii or overseas). I'll be in that area for MOS school, but it is unclear whether I will be stationed there permanently. My question is: How can I be productive in this time of uncertainty? What actions would be an investment or catalyst for my future real estate endeavors, regardless of the location?



Hey Padric,

I can certainly understand your concern! Until you find out where your next duty station is going to be you can always further your education! What area are you located now?

That seems to be my default option at the moment! Currently, I am in Quantico, VA. Within the next month or two, I'll be in Jacksonville, NC only for 6 weeks.

Just like @Jim Stallings said.  Keep educating yourself!  Even if you aren't staying in Jacksonville, learn the market, find out whats going on out there.  Take what you learn now and apply it once you make it to your duty station.  Best of luck!


I was in your same situation myself about four years ago and I agree with Trenton. Use the time of uncertainty to learn as much as possible. I read every book I could get my hands on and really honed what I wanted to do for my first investment property. Well worth it. Keep us updated on your next PCS.

Thank you for the input gentlemen! This post may have been fueled by impatience as I received my PDS earlier this morning. Cherry Point, NC will be where I reside. It is a mere hour or so drive from Jacksonville, so that will help me get acquainted with the area and I could possibly end up investing in both locations.