Should I get my real estate license!

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Hello. New to BP officially been following on YouTube for ages. My question- seeking pros and cons... I’m currently sitting thru the NYS real estate licensing class. My passion is investment properties. I currently have 2 rentals under my belt (our belt/ my husband too) opinions on if I should continue to pursue the full real estate license?

Hi Mindy!

I’m brand new here (No deals or current properties) I’m also considering getting my real estate license. I think it could be a good way to get to know the market you work in and great for networking.

Also it at least gives you another source of income to possibly make more deals. I’ve always been a fan of the Warren Buffet quote “The best source of income, is multiple sources of income”

 I never discourage anyone NOT wanting to learn about laws, rules. Once you get a license you realize there are a lot of regulations not learned before.  For example, door knocking in many cities, leaving fliers without a solicitation permit is subject to fines where there is an ordinance. Suppose you get a broker license and have your children who are not licensed realtors to solicite when getting caught their license gets revoked. Whether you are FT realtor with part time income or part time realtor with FT income is what you want to make out of yourself.