Hey Everyone,

So I've been tediously drafting up my real estate business plan and have been doing numerous research on my particular strategy. I am going to get into flipping houses in the Morgantown WV area in hopes to build capital and get into more passive multi family rentals.

I have since came to a realization that with what I would like to do, it would be very beneficial to just go ahead and get my real estate agent license. The pros to me certainly outweighs the cons, and it seems that anyone who wants to take this full time, which is what I am going to do, had mightiest well get it sooner rather than later.

With all that said, which is the best avenue to go when getting your license in WV? I have researched the schools around me that offer the required 90 hours of pre courses and are accredited with the WV real estate commission. I have also came across a few online pre courses offered, which is a couple hundred dollars less than the face to face courses. Is it worth the extra investment to take the face to face courses or with just starting out, should I go the cheaper route? 

If anybody has any personal experience with either or please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

P.S. I have yet to meet any real estate brokers in my area for the application process, so if there is a broker out there willing to offer a helping hand, please PM me. I am sure we can come to some agreement

Thank you