Ok so we are in the process of closing on our cash out refi hopefully closing next thursday the 24th BUT it may get delayed. This property i purchased with only me on the loan and not my wife, so when i filed my 2017 taxes i owed $1200. Ok so i didn't pay it before the tax deadline (mistake) but when i sent over my tax return to our lender i was told to not pay it but instead it will get paid by escrow from the cash out. Well now the only thing holding this up from closing seems the underwriter is now requesting the exact payoff amount including late fees and interest. WELL unfortunately after many calls to the IRS i was told that my 2017 taxes hasn't been processed yet and i will have to wait until then before they could give me an exact payoff amount. I looked online and saw the IRS charges about 5% late payment and interest charges per month. So at the most i should owe around $1400. So now we are going back and forth to figure out what to do because the lender is afraid the UW will deny closing for not having the exact payoff amount. I asked if i made the payment online and just emailed the confirmation of payment if that would suffice but was told no because i would then have to show where the payment was sourced etc. This is crazy and doesn't make sense to me that we qualify for this refi on every aspect but can get held up for $1200 that i can't just pay now? Yes it was my mistake to not have paid it on-time but i was not aware of this happening. Do i have any other options or do i have to wait until the IRS post the exact amount i owe? Thank you in advance