Do we buy a home SF or start investments and rent on SF

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Hi there My husband and I have been trying to buy in SF and its pretty intense out there! Beginning to wonder if we are smart to stick with our rent controlled apartment (3 bed $3750) and invest elsewhere in rentals For SF: Our budget is limited to $1.25m. The hope is for a place where we can offset the mortgage with an in-law. Yep, I know that’s a big ask!!! My fear is if we don’t buy now in SF soon and instead use money to invest elsewhere we will get priced out of owning in SF (we have 2 kids and we know we want to be in SF long term) I am a stay at home mom and really enjoying all I am learning through Bigger Pockets. My hope is to get a job ASAP with someone in real estate who I can learn from. If we do buy in SF my dream is still invest elsewhere...just wondering if SF ownership will make that really difficult to achieve. Thanks so much

I am a little confused by what you were really wanting to ask.. Lol

At any rate, if you guys want to be in SF long term (which I can not understand why), buying in SF is probably your best bet, due to its seemingly never ending appreciation...But it is going to be short term pain for long term gain....