How to wholesale real estate Step by Step?

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Hi, my name is Kada Hill. A father of 3 children and a wife. I just found out about wholesale real estate and is trying to work my first deal with NO LUCK. Does this really work?

Thanks Kada Hill

Hi Kada, 

I have no experience wholesaling but I have a lot of experience researching on this site and others :-)). THe Education tab has forums and webinars. If you use the search term "Wholesaling" in the search above, you will see a range of things to read including a beginner's guide.

Good Luck.

Im starting too and feel very lost just because i dont have who to work with, im re searching studying and connecting dots lil by lil my self, but is not complicated, but a patient game, first secure a buyer list, make one, go out to meetings, groups and meet Realestate investors even online call them ask them of they requirements, they needs,  what they exactly looking for and then match them with the houses.