Loan Officer in Fresno CA

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You might want to try Sue Mettee w/ Fairway Lending. I've worked with her on multiple properties that I've purchased, and she's great to work with. She's been in the mortgage business for about 20 years. In complete transparency I also know her as Mom. If you PM me, I'd be happy to send you her contact info.



You might consider contacting a few local community banks or credit unions to build relationships with. Local lenders can be helpful and finds ways to approve your second loan compared to large lenders that may not be as helpful. Good luck!

I've been working with Craig Barton of Valley Wide Homes for the last 17 years with a great deal of success. He is very friendly and knowledgeable about the industry and helped me buy my first investment property over 17 years ago. Since then he has helped me with several other properties - I would highly recommend that you talk to him about your options. Best of luck to you!