Preparing To Launch Business

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Hello BP Family, 

I am reaching the end of my first 30 days in my 90-day Journey . The first 30 days has been amazing . I have met many investors both on BP and as well as meetups in my local market . In the first 30 days I explored the different niches to see where I can best serve the community and build a profitable REI business. I've decided to start with pre-foreclosures, Lease Options, and Seller Financing. Talking with homeowners and future homeowners is my wheelhouse. I just need to have systems in place so that i can show them options to make a more conscious decision. So now I am reaching out for expert advice because This Is Going To Happen. So I want to start right in the beginning.

Hi Corey, 

Welcome to the journey. I'm not clear as to what advice you are looking for. Are you working with future homeowners to help them buy their first home, like an agent? Or are you working with pre foreclosures in helping them keep their homes? 

Or are you looking to buy your first home? If so then I would look into 2-4 unit multifamily and get a 203k loan, this allows for minimum down payment and you can buy really messed up homes and use the banks money to fix it. 

Hi Oscar, 

Thanks for sharing your insight.  I just recently became a first-time homebuyer and the experience was inspiring. My focus would mostly be focused on people who want out of there current situation and are possible looking to scale down to a more affordable option. Also I want to educate future homebuyers who are unable to qualify for a conventional loan about lease to own options.