Aspiring to invest in Real Estate

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Hello! I am brand new to BiggerPockets! I found this awesome website/app while researching books for investing in real estate for beginners. I am 24 years old and work in the finance industry. I have been fascinated with real estate and am really buckling down now to learn as much as possible. I would like to start flipping, buying/renting and leasing houses in the near future. Hopefully, i would love to be making enough to increase my asset column and have some passive income to pay off student loans and everything quicker. Evetually, when i am comfortable financially, then i can really start taking off with investing in multples proerties at once. But, i have no idea where to start!! If anyone has tips, tricks, or anything for me to start out with that would be very much appreciated!! I am eager to learn anything and everything. Kyle B.

Welcome to BP. Go to as many local meetups as you can and put yourself out there willing to work with/for people. There is an events section on here or go to

Good luck