Need Suggestion on Getting Funded- Newbie

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Went through some financial distress three years ago so credit isn't great, but isn't awful. Have about $150k of equity in primary residence. Some money in 401(k)'s/IRA's but under 40k. Want to start investing but having difficulty getting start up capital out of current home with banks. I'm in the building trades (cabinets & flooring) so I know the rehab market well. Looking to rehab/BRRR a duplex to start. Worried about getting it refi'ed on the backside as well. Looking for some advice. Thanks in advance!


We have, but in the upper price range that we are at the house needs to be complete. We need to get the yard in and some landscaping per several realtors. That's another $15-20k to complete it. We have been working on it for some time as we can afford projects. Thought was to take out a HELOC and finish that as well as up-front fund rentals