We all wish we started early

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Hello BP community! Young (20) and married. Just moved to Madison, Wi from Seattle, Wi for a job. Work for a healthcare field position that’s very flexible in my time but I can’t do the 9-5ish much longer... Just not in my blood. Also, can’t justify renting $1,350 for a 1 bedroom. Lot of investors wished they had started earlier. I want to get my foot in the door with (2-4 units) small multi family RE. Wondering what some would have done if they could go back. Been trying to digest everything BP videos on YouTube and Forums but I’m still overwhelmed to take the leap. Have a small savings saved up (15k-30k). I want to replace my current job with RE.. one day. Really interested in the brrrr, house hacking...... Buyjng your first mutlifamily 1. Is Wisconsin a good market to invest in for a beginner? 2. Conventional rehab loan vs. 203k FHA Loan? 3. Any tips on Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville area? (Banks, real estate agents, good (GC, GM, PM?), 5. Any cons or things I should be aware and alert to being a beginner? 6. What’s one of the best ways to get my foot in the door? Let me know if I need to clarify or give more info.