I have 20k, I'm looking to start investing in Northern CA

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Agree with @Matt K.  

Need more capital to invest in the one of the most expensive markets in the nation. You didn't say what kind of investing...commercial? MF? Storage? SFH? If commercial, lenders will want experience and capital reserves. Commercial brokers will not return your calls.

Partner up with someone more experienced and provide value to him/her.  Stick to them like glue. Ask questions.  Hustle, do errands, anything.  Possibly put your $20k in one of their deals.  Sometimes the education and experience is worth more than gold.

@Account Closed Congratulations on deciding to start  investing early!

In terms of starting to invest with $20k, there're a few options that I can see:

1) invest in notes

2) invest in real estate through crowdfunding platforms

3) become a lender

4) partner up with someone else who has more funds by offering something in return. F.e., finding a property to invest.

Also, you said you a good writer, how many stories/articles/blogs have you written about real estate so far? If the response is in single digits, I'd work on it if I were you by building up your portfolio.

Feel free to PM me if you're looking for more ideas.