As a mentioned in previous posts, I am fairly new in the Fix and Flip business.  However, I have make sure that I read suggestions and experiences of other members to avoid monetary lost. Last week we (my husband and I) hired a paving company to fix one of our investment home driveway. The individuals we hired to complete that work came very late at night, and without the necessary machinery to maintain the asphalt heated. He used a propane tank on this case to heat the asphalt that was hard and cold. We did not think much of it, but then came to find out that it was the remaining portions of  previous job. 

Once the job was completed the "owner" indicated that the pavement was going to be perfect by the next day. We wrote him a check that night, but he insisted on a cash payment. We refused. When we went back to the house, the asphalt was lose and poorly done. We attempted to contact the "owner" but he never answer our messages. We went to the bank immediately that afternoon and cancelled the check. 

There was No answer for approximately 2 days. On day 3 the real owner contacted us regarding our messages to his employee. We explained that he was misrepresenting himself and wanted cash which we refused. The owner sounded very shaky too, but we asked him to come and fix the driveway, and a new check was going to be issued to him. Upon arrival he provided us with a copy of his business license which was expired. We demanded a business license and he then admitted that the company was now under his mother's name. He provided the license as well as proof of insurance. We verified  with the insurance company and him on the phone that the coverage was legit. He  fixed the whole thing. 

I am happy we were able to have this resolved.