Georgia Real Estate Investing

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Hi all, I am a 3 year rental owner of a SFH here in Georgia in an A class neighborhood. I believe that I have had little to no problem at all when I first started in this back in 2014 till now. The problem is I really didn’t have much cash flow. I didn’t really have an idea how business works, my mind set was more of the appreciation and equity. So now its been a month since i have started reading here and listening to all the podcast regarding real estate investing. And I have learned a lot! But the real deal is how can I start! There are a lot of $100-120,000 properties here that would have an average rent of $1000-$1,100 but the ROI is just not good, its usually just 5-6%. I looked at the appreciation of the houses and most in the Warner Robins area stay flat. I am trying to venture other places in Georgia, or even Florida to seek an opportunity to invest! I am just sure where to find the right property, or if I am just missing the right people to make this happen. I would appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

Hi @Temethy Najarro and welcome to BiggerPockets! I would recommend you examine your investment model and consider replacing it with a better one. It sounds like you're currently operating the standard rental model, in which your revenue comes entirely from rent. There are other models, like lease-purchase, owner financing, and vacation rental, that offer more sources of income (like non-refundable earnest money and down payment funds) or just more income for the same effort your expending now.

BP is the perfect place to learn about these other models. There are a ton of podcasts, blog entries, and forum posts on investment models you may not be familiar with.

Happy Hunting!