Here is a e-mail of Information I received about this real flow generated leads. Everything below is what I get for $99 a month. My question is this for real? Or is this one of those guru deals that get you sucked in to purchase more?  Anyone have any knowledge about this real flow generating leads program?  

Unlimited Nationwide

  • Absentee Owner Leads
  • Free Clear Leads
  • High Equity Leads
  • Low Equity Leads
  • Upside Down Leads
  • Cash Buyer Leads
  • Private Lender Leads
  • Probates (w/ credit purchase)

Direct Mail Engine

  • 22 Seller Lead Generation Postcards
  • 4 Buyer Lead Generation Postcards
  • 1 Private Lender Lead Generation Postcard
  • 36 Seller Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 7 Buyer Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 4 Private Lender Lead Generation “Handwritten Stationary” Letters
  • 4 Professional Brochures

All Tools

  • CRM
  • Calendar
  • Task Manager
  • Notes
  • Document Storage
  • Property Database
  • Contact Database
  • Comping Tool
  • Deal Analyzer
  • Hammerpoint Repair Estimator
  • Seller Script
  • Expense Tracker
  • Paperless Office
  • Auto Form Creator


  • Unlimited Lead Generation Websites (With 100+ Design Combinations)
  • Search Engine Optimized