150k Capital- investment options

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Hi, To be to the point. My parents are living in Abq, NM USA & I’m living in my home country Egypt. I have an amount of 150k $ and I’m looking for a good investment option that will provide a stable safe return. 1- Buy a home and rent it out (probably in Abq were my parents live) 2- Buy a commercial estate and rent it out (in Abq) Can you guys help if there are any other better ideas? Thanks, Mike

I like buying the fixed asset for cash in the area your parents live in.. SAFE secure and good way to keep your principal protected..

its all personal in the rental game I would suspect a 150k house in ABQ rents for 1000 to 1500  just a wild guess and you can figure about 30% in operating costs over a certain amount of time  

so 700 to 1200 a month net..  

currently we are seeing a big play on performing notes  a little easier to figure out return since it set by interest rate but those are bringing in 8 to 10%  so figure no cost to hold and about  1000 a month net to you.. 

so you do have options that's for sure..

@Mick A. You have a lot of options.  One of them @Jay Hinrichs already presented to you. Other options include becoming a passive investor through either debt (as a money lender through notes) or equity ( by investing in a syndication ). I'm sure there're plenty of other options but wanted to give you some food for thought.